15+ Foreign Language Computer Games

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As some of you faithful readers may know , (I think there are now 3 of you.) one of my big interests in Teaching Foreign Language is the use of computer games. In part for the workshop I will be giving this afternoon, I have compiled a list of computer games which can be used to learn a number of different languages. Some of them are designed with the foreign language learner in mind, some were never designed for foreign language learning, but are playable in various languages, giving us instant material to work with.

For the most part, games in this second category fall under the distinction of “serious games.” These games are often simulation type games with the task of helping the game player have fun while teaching something useful. (Like issues in the environment, or our our global world)  Please enjoy and let me know of any others- particularly in the second category.


1. Cocina con abuela (Spanish, English) – Help grandma cook one of up a meal from a number of recipes. Learn content, vocabulary and grammar related to food and cooking. Also download recipes!


2. Digital Dialects (60 Languages) – This is a great site for beginners giving a number of different games to help with basic things like numbers, colors, verbs, and other vocabulary areas.

3. Eco-Reporter (French) – Become an eco-reporter and ride the train to different locations on the map, finding out information along the way, taking pictures, and writing a story.

4. Elma Eagles Verb Hangman Games (Spanish) – Want to practice your verb conjugations with a little bit of fun? This site has hangman for all of the different Spanish verb tenses. (Without the hanging that is)

5. El cuco de las computadoras (Spanish) – Learn some computer vocabulary, practice some computer skills, and be exposed to the use of the voseo.

6. Food Force (German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Suomi, English) – In this great humanitarian aid game you will learn first hand about the challenges of performing humanitarian aid, and gain a lot of learn a lot of language in your target language as you do so. Most of these are PC/Mac downloads, Brazilian Portuguese is a PC only download.

7. Hiragana Piranha (Japanese) – Time is running out blast those hiragana piranhas before it’s too late!

8. Oligarchy (English, Italian) – Take control of an oil tycoon in this fun simulation.

9. San Fermin – Ever wanted to run with the bulls, but didn’t want to risk your life? Well this is your chance. This short game might make a good (or terrible) intro to la corrida de los toros.

10. Science en Jeu (Canadian French) – This site has a number of different games related to Science. A great resource.

11. Slime Forest Adventure (Japanese) – Similar looking to Zelda or other similar games, this is a great adventure game which helps you learn your Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. Free and for pay versions.

12. Stackana (Japanese) – Practice the Katakana and/or hiragana writing systems through a tetris-like game.

13. Stop the Disasters Game ( English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish) – Stoo the disasters before it is too late!!

14. The China Game – While you won’t learn much Chinese here you will learn about chinese culture and history.

15. Water Alert (French, Spanish, English) – In this game put out by UNICEF you help a suffering community to have safe and sufficient water.



  1. Julia says:

    Jeremy–Thanks so much for posting these resources! I’m a recent grad headed to Spain for a few months, and am also looking for ways to retain the moderate amount of French I know…I’ll definitely check out these sites.

  2. Nemokami Zaidimai says:

    This post was very useful gor me. thanks. Never seen these games before.