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Tutor Flags

Coming to see a language tutor can take a lot of guts. It’s not always easy to admit you need help and then go talk with a tutor. Previously to designate a tutor from another student in the Center, each language had a paper tent with the tutoring language on it. These were fine, but […]

An Introduction to Culpeper Cartoons

Check out this first attempt at making a simple animation using the new Bamboo, Photoshop, and iMovie. Enjoy!

Exploring iPod Games for Foreign Language Learning

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend and present on a couple of topics at the MWALLT conference in Minneapolis. (MidWest Association for Language Learning Technology). As I am new to the region it was a great opportunity to meet foreign language educators in the region and to share some ideas […]

Board Games!

A great way to learn foreign languages is using board games. With this in mind we have purchased a number of board games in the various languages we teach at Gustavus. Some of the games we have include Monopoly in Spanish, a Russian version of Scrabble, Settlers of Catan in German, and Cranium in French. […]

How can we use the Bamboo Fun?

I just received a new Bamboo Fun writing/drawing tablet in the mail today. I am excited to see how we can use tools such as this to tell stories and illustrate points in our foreign language classrooms. I know that there are some artists out there in the Gustavus community and I see it very […]