Culpeper Advertising Campaign

Posted on November 8th, 2010 by

Simply put…hardly anybody knows about Culpeper. Sure, some students know there is some sort of lab or something over there in the shadows of Victor-Confer somewhere, but for the most part who we are and more importantly who we hope to become is still a mystery to many. With that in mind, the Culpeper crew is starting an advertising campaign in a number of different areas. One of those areas is the classic big poster idea. I was excited to see a big poster right across the way from the post office this morning when I went to pick up a package. Thanks Culpeper Crew for working hard!


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  1. yurie says:

    I paused by it this morning, too! Thanks, Jeremy, for all the fantastic work you’ve been doing there. I’ve been learning a ton at the workshops, and I definitely plan on sending my kids over to learn a few tricks.