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Image of "A Rooster Year" by BingBing Zhang. Pen on Paper.The results are in, “A Rooster Year” by BingBing Zhang has won First Prize in this year’s art contest! BingBing won a $50 Book Mark gift card, along with a Gustavus Beanie and Mug. Congratulations! 

Second Prize goes to Emily Dzieweczynski for “Decay,” which also won Best of Show, selected during the Art and Creativity Showcase last night. Thanks to BookMark for supporting the contest through their product donations.

To the left is an image of the winning piece, and you can view the entry description/inspiration below. To view images and descriptions of all contest pieces, visit this page on the Culpeper site.

A Rooster Year by BingBing Zhang. Pen on Paper.
“This is a drawing of Chinese New Year in 2017 – the year of the rooster. The Chinese character carved on an apple on the top left corner has the meaning of good fortune. The flowers and sycees (Chinese gold ingot currency in imperial China) underneath the rooster represent good health. The symbolism of this drawing is auspiciousness for 2017. Chinese folks often display such images on the wall or door in the desire of a promising new year. The reason why I only used red ink as the color of my drawing is because red is characterized by prosperity, success and luckiness in the Chinese culture.”

Note: An edit was made to the post after the original posting, which now includes, or clarifies the winner of Best of Show.


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