How can we use the Bamboo Fun?

Posted on October 19th, 2010 by

I just received a new Bamboo Fun writing/drawing tablet in the mail today. I am excited to see how we can use tools such as this to tell stories and illustrate points in our foreign language classrooms. I know that there are some artists out there in the Gustavus community and I see it very important to attempt to bridge the gap between various disciplines. French or Japanese can be useful to not only the student hoping to one day land a job in academia, but also to the artist, the businessman, and the musician.

The cartoon you see in this post is a quick sketch I made on the drawing tablet in Photoshop. The first 5 minutes it felt a little strange, but I quickly caught on and I love it. It sure is much faster than drawing and then scanning, and is certainly much cleaner this way! Stay tuned I may create a special cartoon treat for you all!


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