Culpeper Clips Winners!

Posted on May 20th, 2011 by

Announcing the winners of the first ever Culpeper Clips Film Contest!  The winners and their videos are briefly introduced below.

Brandan Nadeau wins Grand Prize of $100 for his video entitled: “AMAZAMA NA GENGO WO OMOSHIROSA” (The Various Interesting Things About Language). Brandan managed to include a number of languages and individuals from around campus and was effectively able to show how interesting and useful knowing a language can be. He also used an ingenious method of creating his credits. Definitely a must see.





Cristian Raether and Kristen Montijo come in second place winning $50 for their film entry entitled: “Deutch ist mein Ding” (German is my cool) This film takes a much different approach to convincing us about the “coolness” of learning a language. Cristian awes us with his impressive German rapping skills.


Where can you watch the videos? Come back to the Culpeper blog or Culpeper site next week after finals and enjoy them right here!







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