Culpeper Moves Forward

Posted on October 28th, 2011 by

This semester has certainly been a busy one thus far with exciting things happening here in Culpeper. The picture below shows the new Culpeper student managers who are heading up the four new teams in Culpeper. One of the important reasons behind this new internal structure is to give student workers the opportunity to have a more central part in the success of Culpeper while gaining important skills which will benefit the Center and Gustavus in general, tools which will be useful for them for the rest of their lives. In addition to common responsibilities shared by all student workers (for example giving workshops and troubleshooting), each team has other specific responsibilities, tasks, and projects they are working on. The teams as they currently stand are the Equipment and Scheduling Team, the Social Media and Documentation Team, the Training Team and the Activities, Publicity, and Outreach Team.

In addition to the new team structure we continue to work on creating a more inviting, more efficient, more productive, and more professional space for the Center. This photograph feature the four new team managers along with the new Culpeper sign. It took a while to decide on the material of the sign and which company to have it done, but I am happy with the results. A special thanks to physical plant for helping with the mounting process!


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