Culpeper Week in Review: March 10-16th Posted on March 20th, 2014 by

This past week in Culpeper we decided to track the Center usage/”traffic”. We wanted to get a better idea of when people are coming in throughout the day and evening and what they are using our Center for. We found that a majority of the students who visit Culpeper are here in the evenings with tutors. We’re excited that students taking a foreign language are taking advantage of these resources! We would like to encourage  students to stop by anytime to use our other resources or ask a student worker for help on a project.

Couch covers

We had our first Wednesday Wateringhole, but sadly, no one attended. We would love to see people come in to converse with each other to practice their language skills! Don’t forget-Wednesday Watering Hole is every Wednesday at 3:30pm.

Have you wondered why Culpeper looks a little different? It’s because we got new covers for our couches, and they look great!

Influent is a fun language learning computer game that can help you learn vocabulary in many different languages. Rob Howland, the developer of the game has given us free access to evaluate the game. We are hoping for an interview with Rob and invite you to look forward to a future blog post dedicated to a review of the game.

Note: We are going to play Monopoly today (Mar 20) from 3:30-4:30pm. It will be a great way to practice your language while having a blast with friends!


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