Culpeper Week in Review: March 3rd-9th Posted on March 13th, 2014 by


Exciting things are happening at Culpeper! We have a brand new iMac set up in our Development Station room.

Final Cut Pro is installed on our new beauty and is available for student use. We also hope to get a camera installed in our Media Viewing room so students can record themselves practicing presentations. Stay tuned for updates!

Culpeper is the place to be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:30-4:30pm. Each Wednesday we’ll be having Watering Hole. All are welcome to stop in and chat in their foreign language with others. This is a great way to practice using your language in a fun and welcoming environment. Thursdays are Game Days! Last week we kicked off this weekly event with Bananagrams. This week on the 13th (today!) we’ll be trying out a new computer game called Influent where you can build your foreign language vocabulary in a fun way. Make sure to check out our flyers posted around campus to learn which game we’ll be playing each week!

Jeremy Robinson, the Director of the Culpeper, is in the process of visiting other institutions to share information on usages of technology for teaching and learning language. Last week Jeremy visited Martin Luther College in New Ulm. Make sure to visit our blog again soon to learn  about the details of his visit!

Technology use highlight from the MLC department: Jeremy Robinson who also teaches Spanish 102 this semester, held a Skype conversation in his Spanish class last week. A friend from Monterrey, Mexico joined the class virtually and answered various questions from his students. This is a great way to get students connected to the target language culture.

Check back next week to stay in the Culpeper loop!


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