Steps for a Foreign Language Video Project

Posted on November 9th, 2010 by

In another 20 minutes I will be giving a hands on workshop on some generic steps to completing a foreign language video project. This is one form of digital storytelling and has with the right preparation and entusiasm can be a powerful and motivational boost to the foreign language student. Please come on over if you can make it. We will be meeting from 3:30-4:30 at the Culpeper Language Learning Center. For those of you who aren’t at Gustavus, here are 14 basic steps for a project of this type.

  1. Explain project and expectations
  2. Form Groups
  3. Choose group Roles
  4. Brainstorm
  5. Create Outlines/Storyboards
  6. Write Scripts
  7. Teacher/Peer Feedback of Scripts
  8. Revise Scripts
  9. Practice acting out scripts (with and/or without scripts)
  10. Technology Training
  11. Act out/Film Story
  12. Edit Video (Includes adding music/effects)
  13. Publish and Present Video
  14. Assessment of Student Work and Project

The above graphic is an original piece of work created with the Bamboo Fun and Photoshop.


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