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Last Friday I tried out the new Turning Point Anywhere software and remotes with my Spanish 102 class. As the students coming into Spanish 102 have had very different experiences previous to Spanish 102 at Gustavus, I thought it important to review some of the more troublesome areas. (Some students are coming from High School, some are coming from 101 at Gustavus, and some haven’t taken Spanish in a few years) I decided on a variation of Jeopardy and my students loved the activity (especially the clicking part- who doesn’t love to click a remote-like thing?!) and I feel like it was a success.

For the game on Friday I used a template found at James Madison University. This worked great, but I thought I would create my own game template from scratch with more of a local Gustie flair. With this said I have created the¬†“GustiePoints” game! ¬†Because the Turning Point Software doesn’t seem to work great in full screen mode with Keynote, I chose to create GustiePoints in PowerPoint, however I may also create another version for Keynote. For those of you who are interested the powerpoint template also has directions for one possible way to set up and play the game in your class. I hope you enjoy, please download ( .PPT / .PPTX ), fill in the template, and play with your class now!


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