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International Week of the Deaf

The International Week of the Deaf was held this past week in countries all across the world. This year’s theme was “With Sign Language, Everyone is Included!” A few things to remember from the campaign (see World Federation of the Deaf) include:

  • The need to reach out to governments and hold them accountable to fulfill their legal responsibilities.
  • Recognition of the uniqueness of deaf individuals and culture.
  • Recognize that sign languages are distinct languages.
  • The need for quality and early education in sign languages for the deaf.
  • Inclusion of the deaf community when making decisions that affect the deaf community.

There are hundreds of unique sign languages across the world, here in the United States, American Sign Language is the language most associated with the Deaf community. Take the time to learn a few signs and learn more about the Deaf culture here in the U.S. There are also some great benefits to knowing sign language, the following short video, “Top 10 Reasons to Learn Sign Language, ” shares some interesting situations you might not have thought of. Enjoy!



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