The Culpeper Crew Videos

Posted on September 16th, 2010 by

As I mentioned the other day I am blessed with 20 wonderful student workers. I have decided to affectionately call them the “Culpeper Crew.” To help the Gustavus community learn more about the Culpeper workers this year, each member of the crew is doing a 2 minute video introduction to themselves. These videos might tell the story of how they got here, their dreams and aspirations, or why they are working. It is really left up to them.

For the most part the Crew will be using iMovie to create their videos and may include video footage, pictures, audio, and titles. An important secondary benefit of creating these videos is to help themĀ  strengthen their digital literacy skills and be ready to help students or faculty when they come in with questions on iMovie.

We are in the process of a redesign of the Culpeper site and these videos will appear on the Culpeper website under a “Meet the Culpeper Crew” section. Juan Luis Chu- a new student this year from Peru is the first to complete his video. He choose to use a text and picture based approach which I think came out very nicely. He tells the story of how he came to Gustavus, and you can watch the video directly below.


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