Two New Student Managers Chosen

Posted on October 22nd, 2015 by

Culpeper Managers Fall 2015Jaime Nordlund (right) and Chengying Ruan (left) have taken on the role of managers at the Culpeper Language Learning Center. With the direction of the Culpeper Director, Jaime and Chenging oversee training and project work of teams comprised of other Technology and Language Specialists. Each team is assigned to certain projects or tasks, but there are also projects and tasks that overlap across teams.

A couple examples of these projects overseen by Chengying include an upcoming art contest, and a project to create a working list of individuals who can present remotely via videoconferencing to our various language courses. One of Jaime’s areas is working to set up events for individuals to play some of our various board and card games- helping students to develop linguistic and cultural competence.

To end this post are a few words from our two new managers. If you see them around, please greet them in the language of your choice!

“My name is Jaime Nordlund, I am a Junior Public Accounting and Spanish major.  Learning languages has always been an interest of mine and something I find very important.  When you learn another language it opens up the world and you are able to communicate with so many more people with different perspectives whom you would not have been able to converse with otherwise. In the future I hope to continue learning more Spanish and hopefully branch out into other languages as well.”

“Hello, My Name is Chengying Ruan, and I go by Linda as well. I’m a junior nursing major here in Gustavus and I work as a manager in Culpeper Language Center. I am from China so for me it is a great experience to go to college here in the United States. Learning another language is super fun, because it is a good way to learn about another culture and to make new friends. It is amazing to know what people from other parts of the world are thinking and doing. And you’ll usually be surprised about how friendly they are! What’s more, learning a foreign language helps you know more about your own culture, which we often don’t pay attention to in daily life. Say hi to me when you come to Culpeper!”


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