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Tutor Flags

Coming to see a language tutor can take a lot of guts. It’s not always easy to admit you need help and then go talk with a tutor. Previously to designate a tutor from another student in the Center, each language had a paper tent with the tutoring language on it. These were fine, but […]

An Introduction to Culpeper Cartoons

Check out this first attempt at making a simple animation using the new Bamboo, Photoshop, and iMovie. Enjoy!

Exploring iPod Games for Foreign Language Learning

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend and present on a couple of topics at the MWALLT conference in Minneapolis. (MidWest Association for Language Learning Technology). As I am new to the region it was a great opportunity to meet foreign language educators in the region and to share some ideas […]

Board Games!

A great way to learn foreign languages is using board games. With this in mind we have purchased a number of board games in the various languages we teach at Gustavus. Some of the games we have include Monopoly in Spanish, a Russian version of Scrabble, Settlers of Catan in German, and Cranium in French. […]

How can we use the Bamboo Fun?

I just received a new Bamboo Fun writing/drawing tablet in the mail today. I am excited to see how we can use tools such as this to tell stories and illustrate points in our foreign language classrooms. I know that there are some artists out there in the Gustavus community and I see it very […]

Culpeper Workshop Schedule

An exciting part of my job as the Culpeper Coordinator is the opportunity to give workshops on ways we can use new technology to effectively teach language. This semester we have exciting line-up from blogging to computer games to video projects. One of the sessions will be a Culpeper student worker (Culpeper Crew) breakout session […]

Spanish Blogs: Week 2 Reflections

This semester I am teaching a Spanish 102 class. (Earlybird special at 8AM!) In my opinion, one of the more interesting and useful activities for this semester is blogging in Spanish. There are many benefits of blogging for the foreign language learner. Among these include the ability to work on all four language skills, increases […]

The Culpeper Crew Videos

As I mentioned the other day I am blessed with 20 wonderful student workers. I have decided to affectionately call them the “Culpeper Crew.” To help the Gustavus community learn more about the Culpeper workers this year, each member of the crew is doing a 2 minute video introduction to themselves. These videos might tell […]


Last Friday I tried out the new Turning Point Anywhere software and remotes with my Spanish 102 class. As the students coming into Spanish 102 have had very different experiences previous to Spanish 102 at Gustavus, I thought it important to review some of the more troublesome areas. (Some students are coming from High School, […]

Play Hiragana Piranha

We have a number of students at Gustavus who are just starting out in their Japanese learning journey, and are faced with the challenge of learning not one, not two, but three new writing systems. To help students learn Hiragana, which is usually the first of these systems to be taught, is an entertaining game […]