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Is there a class in here?

A moment ago a student came in looked around and hesitantly said, “Is there a class in here?” I happily replied, “no.” We had about 15 people in the center, and that question was a sign that the center is starting to be used more. That’s good news! Oh and the ninja has nothing to […]

15+ Foreign Language Computer Games

As some of you faithful readers may know , (I think there are now 3 of you.) one of my big interests in Teaching Foreign Language is the use of computer games. In part for the workshop I will be giving this afternoon, I have compiled a list of computer games which can be used […]

Color Change in Culpeper

I am pleased to say that things went as planned and we now have a beautiful accent wall (and a half) in a nice new green. This wonderful paint job was done by Steve Douglas over the Thanksgiving break and I am so happy with the great job done. There is a new kind of […]

A table here, a chair there

A little bit of furniture rearranging can go a long way to changing the atmosphere of a space. Previously the Center has seemed purely like a sterile computer lab and not like the warm Center I am envisioning. In one corner we have a space which was previously meant to be a “tutor/library/reading space” but […]

Can we get some color in here?

As we continue to move forward in the process of making Culpeper a more welcoming and effective space we have decided to get some color in Culpeper. We are currently planning on accenting the main room by painting the wall by the windows a green, and the corner area (with the books and other print […]

Two new iMacs Sitting in a Row

Today was a monumental day as we received two new iMacs in Culpeper. This is one of the steps in putting in the necessary infrastructure to support greater use of digital and social media. By next year it is planned that we will have all new iMacs in Culpeper. The iMacs have built in webcams […]

Beard Responsibility

Please watch this very important video on beard responsibility. Thank you for your support of the Culpeper Language Center and responsible beard use.

Steps for a Foreign Language Video Project

In another 20 minutes I will be giving a hands on workshop on some generic steps to completing a foreign language video project. This is one form of digital storytelling and has with the right preparation and entusiasm can be a powerful and motivational boost to the foreign language student. Please come on over if […]

Culpeper Advertising Campaign

Simply put…hardly anybody knows about Culpeper. Sure, some students know there is some sort of lab or something over there in the shadows of Victor-Confer somewhere, but for the most part who we are and more importantly who we hope to become is still a mystery to many. With that in mind, the Culpeper crew […]

Culpeper Crew Presents!

Yesterday we had our first Student-led workshops at Culpeper. This is one of the first steps in giving the student workers at Culpeper (known as the Culpeper Crew) the opportunity to play a more active role in teaching and learning at Gustavus. Yesterday I was pleased to participate first in a 30 minute workshop by […]