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Skype helps ill student suceed

Sometimes life brings unexpected challenges. This was the case for Senior Emily Eddy, one of my Spanish students this semester. Emily had just finished a J-Term trip to Spain and Morocco when she was hit by the Guillain-Barr√© Syndrome, an autoimmune syndrome which left her basically paralyzed after just a few days. The symptoms were […]

Good Start for the Workshops

We are into the second week of workshops at Culpeper and things look good so far. Yesterday afternoon Crew member Toby Tong gave a great workshop on LiveMocha, a website which helps language learners in their acquisition process by providing mini-courses in many languages, but more importantly connects the language learners with competent speakers of […]

Culpeper Clips Film Contest!

Over the past few days my student workers have started going around to the various language classrooms and announcing our Workshop Schedule plus … the CULPEPER CLIPS FILM CONTEST!! That’s right we are running the first ever (to my knowledge anyhow) foreign language film contest sponsored by Culpeper. Students have the opportunity to win up […]