New Look at Culpeper Site Posted on February 28th, 2011 by

While there may still be a few things to tweak here, the Culpeper site has received an overhaul. This really wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful help of Jeremy Carlson and Ryan Rud over at GTS. While I unfortunately don’t have a screen shot of the original site setup, there are a number of improvements here.

First, you will notice the banner image showing the new look of Culpeper this semester. New images will be added to the rotation as time goes by, and we have a larger image base from activities, events, and every day life at Culpeper. Additional changes/additions have been made to the navigation, and you will notice a link to the Film Contest which I just placed today. In the center you will notice a new summary and images with the 3 most recent entries in the Culpeper Blog.

On the right hand side you will notice a blue box. On the very top we have placed social networking icons with links to the Culpeper identity on the various social networking sites. Beneath those we see Culpeper Clips- random video clips that Culpeper has produced and which are located on YouTube. When you click on the video a pop-up window appears, allowing you to view the video right there on the screen. Below that you will see current/future events in Culpeper such as the Workshops.

I’m quite pleased with the results, and I’ll continue tweaking the site as necessary- and next- move on to the MLC department website. Thanks all!


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