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Culpeper Clips Film Contest!

Over the past few days my student workers have started going around to the various language classrooms and announcing our Workshop Schedule plus … the CULPEPER CLIPS FILM CONTEST!! That’s right we are running the first ever (to my knowledge anyhow) foreign language film contest sponsored by Culpeper. Students have the opportunity to win up […]

New Look at Culpeper Site

While there may still be a few things to tweak here, the Culpeper site has received an overhaul. This really wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful help of Jeremy Carlson and Ryan Rud over at GTS. While I unfortunately don’t have a screen shot of the original site setup, there are a number of […]

Culpeper Workshop Series 2011

Below you will find the Culpeper Workshop Series schedule for the first half of the Spring Semester 2011. I’m trying to really get my student workers involved and I’m excited to see how this series of workshops (led principally by the students) goes. I anticipate low numbers of participants at first, however with time I […]

Color in the Corner

Good news! We continue to make progress in transforming the Culpeper Center into all that it can be. Last week the good people from the physical plant helped us to add some color in the corner reading area, adding life to a previously less than lively area of the Center. Culpeper Crew student worker Brittney […]

Spring is Here!

Well, it doesn’t exactly look (or feel) like spring yet outside, but non-the-less, it’s going to be a great spring semester. I don’t teach during J-term (at least not at this point), but this J-Term I did have the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects here at Culpeper during the last month. Stay […]

Is there a class in here?

A moment ago a student came in looked around and hesitantly said, “Is there a class in here?” I happily replied, “no.” We had about 15 people in the center, and that question was a sign that the center is starting to be used more. That’s good news! Oh and the ninja has nothing to […]

15+ Foreign Language Computer Games

As some of you faithful readers may know , (I think there are now 3 of you.) one of my big interests in Teaching Foreign Language is the use of computer games. In part for the workshop I will be giving this afternoon, I have compiled a list of computer games which can be used […]

Color Change in Culpeper

I am pleased to say that things went as planned and we now have a beautiful accent wall (and a half) in a nice new green. This wonderful paint job was done by Steve Douglas over the Thanksgiving break and I am so happy with the great job done. There is a new kind of […]

A table here, a chair there

A little bit of furniture rearranging can go a long way to changing the atmosphere of a space. Previously the Center has seemed purely like a sterile computer lab and not like the warm Center I am envisioning. In one corner we have a space which was previously meant to be a “tutor/library/reading space” but […]

Can we get some color in here?

As we continue to move forward in the process of making Culpeper a more welcoming and effective space we have decided to get some color in Culpeper. We are currently planning on accenting the main room by painting the wall by the windows a green, and the corner area (with the books and other print […]